Accurate to the pixel.
Uncomplicatedly young.

May I introduce myself:
My name’s Livio Schmid.

I’m a passionate web and graphical designer, so I’ll create a visual – and distinctive – identity for you with much attention to detail.

Accurate to the pixel. Uncomplicatedly young.

I love building graphics and screendesigns, as well as whole websites. I consider design to be handcraft. Latest technologies like Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and many more are my tools, which should be used sensibly. I connect designs to thought-out technics to offer individual comfort.

Beauty stands the test.

For my designs I try to achieve the most possible of simplicity and intuitivity. One thing is clear: The beauty of good designs stands the test in its use. It doesn’t matter if integrated in a existing corporate design or by itself: The message must be understood by everyone. Every design is just as good as its realization. This rule’s applying especially to print products, where every little shade of colors, the chosen graphics and papers matter. For a hand-tight appearance – litarelly.

My ambition: To create the best user experience of tomorrow.